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Happy Days
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Are Just Around The Corner

Chorus (the bit between verses!):
Happy days, are just around the corner,
happy-y-y days, are just around the corner for me
I've drank beer, smoked dope had coke & speed,
On the trail of, what I thought I'd need,
I got high, I got so low,
when in the middle was
where I wanted to go
Looking for friends, I did not need,
knowing I would fail if I dared to succeed,
didn't know where I was going or where I'd been,
couldn't handle where I was,
always chasing a dream
When I found that I was down as low as I could go
my mind was all burned up searching for what?
I don't know,
then at last I realised,
what I sought, I had,
I couldn't see for looking,
all my reasons to be glad.
6th March 2007
(c) Dave Forshaw
samhanesson Music.

I will get a better mic' soon!