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I Loved You When I Found You

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Here's one about two peoples' insecurities...
"I Loved You When.."

Lookin round, this old house, as I often do, I see so much reminds me of you; Theres things you never mended, a hand print on the wall, a dark stain on the carpet, where you let your coffee cup fall

Chorus: I loved you when I found you, the words I just didnt say,Then the last thing you said was I love you as you turned & walked away.

Years they came and years they went, the crazy way they do, I guess I got too busy for sayin I love you When you asked if I loved you, I said of course I do and when you said I love you babe I said yeah, me too


I never thought, and I never knew, you felt so insecure, as each road that you followed Led to a closed door,  A gentle kiss, a warm embrace, these things I didnt do, and I could have made things better just by sayin I love you.


I hear your voice, around these walls and your footsteps on the floor, I see your face for a moment, at every opening door, I feel your breath, upon my neck in the loneliness of my night, and I feel your body next to mine as I squeeze your pillow tight.


If tomorrow comes, and at my door, I find you standing there, a sorry look upon your face, I wouldnt have a care, I'd hold you & Id kiss you, tell you everythings O.K. And I would say I love you, dont you go away


Dave Forshaw 2000