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If you aint got a problem..
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Sometimes, when you are a parent of more than one child, you may find that your attention, at any given time, is taken up prety much by just one of your off-spring, (for one reason or another). 


If You Ain't Got A Problem
If you ain't got a problem, no nead to make one up, it's alright you can talk to me, (any time of day now)
If you ain't got a problem, but you need someone to talk to, it's alright, you can talk to me:
Maybe I spend to much time righting problems you don't have, maybe troubled people take my time, maybe I forget to tell you how I feel, and I feel, so happy that you're mine, (Y'know it's true I do).
Chorus: If you ain't (Etc.)
Sometimes I may forget to do things just with you, sometimes I may forget you're there (Oo-oo!), sometimes I may forget to say "hey, I love you", but that, don't meen I don't care, (cos I do it's true!).
Chorus, and rep't...
(c) Dave Forshaw 2000
Samhanesson music.
Try these chords with it...choose your own key!
C, D7 D, F G C (G)
C, D7 D, F G C (C7)
Chorus: F C G G7 C C7 F C G G7 (G)