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Life Has It's Ups & Downs
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Life Has It's Ups & Downs
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Ever had one of those days or weeks when you just KNOW you have to write a song?

From my travels on the bus, wet rainy mornings on the way to work, bus drivers who cant read a timetable, busy-body bobbies and life can suck at any time sort of thing!
I call it:
Now, there's a suprise!

Life has ups and downs you know, it has it's ups and downs,
Face them both, with a smile cos no one likes a frown,
when misfortune smites you, counter with a grin,
you'll soon forget, about the mess, misfortune left you in.

Walkin' down the mornin' road, both eyes on the ground,
collar up against the wind, the rain is hammerin' down
I don't hear the bus a-commin', but I know when it has passed,
as the driver hits that puddle with a god almighty SPLASH

The next bus when it comes along, is 15 minutes late,
but I don't let it boil my piss I just say "good mornin' mate"
The driver eyes me up & down, and with an evil grin, sez:
I'm sorry mate, you're soakin' wet & you can not come in.

Back home I go to change my clothes, my face fixed with a grin,
Then I find I've lost my keys & no one else is in,
I spy an open window, & as I'm half way through,
who turns up uncalled for? the jolly boys in blue!

The coppers grab me by my feet and drag me back outside, they throw me in their Panda car & take me for a ride,
2 hours later I am free, I have done my time,
I've been charged and cautioned for wasting police time!

I'm feelin' low and lady luck has left without a trace,
but I've a perfect remedy to put a smile back on my face,
It's cheeper than booze, safer than pills, it really is pure bliss,
No need now to end the rhyme, You know what it is!, Oh!

(c)Dave Forshaw 2001
(samhanesson music)