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Wanna be 21 !!

I went out and bought some clothes off of the local market, in anticipation of my holiday in sunny Lincolnshire, and the result when put together, made me look like Ali G.
My wife is always telling me to grow up, and saying stuff like "They aint laughing with you, the're laughing at you", "Ok" says I, " Cos I am a clown".


I'm 44 and I wanna be 21,
I'm 44 and I wana be 21,
I'm 44, got the key to the door,
2 times over and a little bit more
I'm 44 and I wanna be 21!

Well I grew my hair and the kids said I was square,
So I shaved it off the called me Baldie, nyah nyah nyah!
My wife says I should be wot I am
stop bein' mutton, dressed like lamb
I'm 44 and I wanna be 21!

I don't care wot the folks around here say,
I dress how I want and play how I wanna play,
I dont care if I aint dressed right
I'm goin' out on the pull tonight!Cos
I'm 44 and I wanna be 21!

My hair is gettin' kinda thin and grey,
it gets a little more so every day,
so I wear my baseball cap back-to-front,
don't care if I look a proper fool,
I'm 44 and I wanna be 21!

My wife says "act your age or I will go" ,
She'll take my car and house and money I know,
so I tell her I'll be a man among men,
as long as she dresses like a schoolgirl now & then!
I'm 44 and I wanna be 21.

(c) Dave Forshaw 2001
(Samhanesson music)

Obviously a blues thing, so put your own chords/key/style to it, and sing it loud and proud!